About Us

Who are we? A letting agency changing the norm in letting management services.

Our ethos: Being Exceptional
Exceptional service is a state of mind that runs through all areas of our business, which is constantly challenging, evolving, reviewing and striving to be the best, always.

“Much of life and business is about perception. As letting agents we carefully structure our systems and procedures; we emanate industry leaders and try to alter our delivery with the aim of being a bit different. But perception is not reality, and until you truly get into the mindset of both a landlord and tenant you cannot appreciate or begin to understand the kind of service they want and deserve.

For over 20 years I‘ve watched, listened and come to understand how both landlords and tenants behave. I combine my personal experiences of being a landlord and also a tenant. I have seen how even the simplest gesture has brought a smile, and the upset and frustration caused by a rigid service offering. I want our clients not only to know, but to see, that we are constantly striving to ensure they have an incredible experience.

Maybe this is because I’m Australian and so am used to seeing water flow in a different direction, or maybe it’s because following the ‘how to’ rule book for letting agents is not for us. Yes, we’re a stickler for complying to legislation and ensuring you do too, but it’s more than that. It’s about adding value, treating others with respect and building relationships that will outlast any contract.

At Purplekey we are perfectionists, we strive for excellence everyday and mediocrity will never be accepted. To sustain this level of service, we carefully select our team, ensuring they share the same principals, work ethos and passion for client relations. Together with my team we make sure each process or anticipated issue is identified, evaluated and acted upon, swiftly and effectively.

It is extremely important to us that you don’t have just a single memorable experience; we want you to have many of these, as we strive to deliver a level of service you want to see repeated. Seeing you as a real person and not a transaction means we can instinctively identify and anticipate your needs, it also breeds a service that is exceptional and authentic.”

Steven Grinberg
Founder/Director, Purplekey
" huge thank you for all your help and in future you will definitely be my first choice " Emanuel Fontoura
" I am thankful for his excellent service " Annie Jiang
" Steven is adept at finding good tenants and keeping them happy so that letting the property has been trouble free. " Robert C. 
" It has been an absolute pleasure living in the flat, it is in brilliant condition, comfortable and a great location. " Laura Marcus & Lewis Csizmazia